ID in this catalogue WCO 8
Type Outflow water clock 
Current Location

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

Catalogue Numbers I.1.a.5955 
Provenance Egypt, unknown location
Date around 330 BCE
Dimensions Height 19 cm; width 17 cm; thickness 3 cm
Material Granite or granodiorite


Publications Hodjash and Berlev (1982, 185)
External registers Small portion of two preserved, likely to be three originally
External upper band of text Unknown 
External lower band(s) of text Unknown
Exterior Astronomical Diagram Present, with only a small part preserved, encompassing parts of two lunar months (lower register) and three circumpolar attendant deities (middle register)
Rim Unknown
Interior markings Yes, columns of dots of which two are partially preserved
Other features  

See also the entry in: Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 20 Pushkin 5955, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-13 (Berlin cast of this object is ID 8.)