Label T1
Group/Type T
Siglum S1C
EAT 1 Coffin 1
EAT 1 Group I
Major Publications

Daressy (1900)

Lacau (1904)

Pogo (1932)

Neugebauer and Parker (1960), Pages 4-5, Plates 1-2

Zitman (2010), Pages 157 ff, 328

Cockcroft & Symons (2014)

Owner MsHt(i)
Provenance Asyut (Zitman 2010)
Current Location

Egyptian Museum, Cairo; Room P37, free-standing case (number 3349)
CG 28118; JE 30966


Rows 12
Date Row Yes
Columns 36 (I Akhet to IIII Shemu) + 4 list columns
Pattern The diagonal pattern is well-ordered and there are minimal mistakes. Like all type T tables, there are only 34 ordinary decans.
Vertical Strip


Horizontal Strip (R to L) Meskhetiu, Nut, Sahu, smd rsy & smd mHty, nTr DA pt & rmn Hry, spd & imy-xt spd, Axwy & imy-xt Axwy, HAt xAw & pHwy xAw, xntt Hrt & xntt Xrt
Other Text

The final column is not labelled for the epagomenal days.

The last two cells of the final column contain the text "Total of those who are in their places, the gods of the sky, 36" (EAT 1, p 5)

Style The table appears between coffin texts - an unusual feature as the star tables usually take up the whole inner surface of the lid.  The table gives the impression of being "dark" because the dark wood is mostly exposed - the original light-coloured ground has only survived in a few places. 




Legend for Schematic
  Parts of the table that were never originally present when compared to an ideal table
  Parts of the table that are obscured; any legible fragments are consistent with the numbers shown


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Image: Courtesy of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.


Ordinary DecansTriangle Decans
1 wSAt bkAt 13 srt     A smd rsy
2 ipDs 14 sAwy srt 26 abwt B smd mHty
3 sbSsn 15 Xry xpd srt 27 Xrt wart C nTr DA pt
4 xntt Hrt 16 tpy-a Axwy 28 tpy-a spd D rmn Xry
5 xntt Xrt 17 imy-xt Axwy 29 spd E xAw 2
6 Tms n xntt 18 Axwy 30 knmt F tpy-a spd
7 qdty     31 sAwy knmt G imy-xt spd 
8 "xnwy" 20 qd 32 Xry xpd n knmt H Axwy
9 Hry-ib wiA 21 xAw 33 HAt xAw I xAw
10 "crew" 22 art 34 pHwy xAw J nTr DA pt
11 knm 23 Xry art 35 TmAt Hrt K pHwy sAbw
12 smd srt 24 rmn Hry 36 TmAt Xrt    


Legend for Decans
  Decans that occur on this table
  Decans that do not occur on this table, but a space is left for them because they may have occurred on the ideal table
  Parts of the decan list that are missing owing to loss or damage



This is the most complete diagonal star table, closest to the “ideal” model described in EAT1. Even so, like all other type T tables, it lacks two ordinary decans (19 bAwy and 25 rmn Xry) in the main body and so has two occurences of the TmAt decans at the beginning of the beginning of the ordinary decans and just before the triangle.  However, T1 uniquely preserves rmn Xry in the list columns, giving weight to its place as one of the two missing decans.  T1 also lacks the final triangle decan L sAbw.  The horizontal strip for T1 begins with a large red dot, as seen on most other tables, and not a nfr symbol (Cockcroft & Symons, 2014).