Label K11
Group/Type K
Siglum Not yet assigned
EAT 1 Coffin -
EAT 1 Group -
Major Publications Dieleman (2014). For images, see this publication and here.
Owner Unknown
Provenance Unknown
Current Location

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California; M.80.202.500


Rows 12
Date Row No
Columns ? Only two columns are preserved.
Pattern The diagonal pattern is well-ordered, although decan order is not standard.
Vertical Strip


Horizontal Strip

(R to L) Meskhetiu, Sopdet

Other Text Above and below the table are six vertical columns of text, which are not a part of the diagonal star table.
Style Similar to K3 because of the decan sSmw and horizontal strip contents.



As this diagonal star table fragment occurs on a batten, its exact position with respect to the remainder of the table to which it would have been attached is uncertain. However, as the surface of the batten on which the table appears is convex, it is very likely the middle batten and therefore occurred somewhere in the middle of the table. The schematic below places decan 15 spty xnwy at the top of column 15, matching the notional ideal table.


  Parts of the table that were never originally present when compared to an ideal table

Click to enlarge the image of this batten (image reproduced with the kind permission of Los Angeles County Museum of Art):

K11 LACMA ma 31947465

Ordinary Decans
15 spty xnwy 22 sAwy srt
16 Hry-ib wiA 23 Xry xpd srt
17 sSmw 24 tpy-a Axwy
    25 Axwy
19 tpy-a smd 26 bAwy
    27 xntw Hrw
21 srt 28 xntw Xrw


  Decans that do not occur on this table, but a space is left for them because they may have occurred on the ideal table.



The omissions of decans 18 knm and 20 smd are similar to those on K6, K7, and K9.