Label K6 
Siglum S23L 
EAT 1 Coffin
EAT 1 Group
Major Publications Symons (2002b)
Owner Ini-it=f  
Provenance Asyut 
Current Location

British Museum, London; in storage:  EA47605 


Rows 13 
Date Row Yes 
Columns  ?
Pattern Only one column is preserved
Vertical Strip
Horizontal Strip The usual big red circle is present.
Other Text None
Style This is the only table with thirteen rows.  The text seems to be written directly on the wood as no trace of a light background is visible.  The closest stylistic match is K8.



Legend for Schematic
  Parts of the table that were never originally present when compared to an ideal table
  Parts of the table that are obscured; any legible fragments are consistent with the numbers shown


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Image: Courtesy of and copyright of The Trustees of the British Museum, London.  Composite of images taken by Sarah Symons, 2012.


Ordinary Decans
1 tpy-a knmt 6 TmAt Hrt 11 tpy-a xntt
2 knmt 7 TmAt Xrt 12 xntt Hrt
3 Xry xpd n knmt 8 wSAti 13 xntt Xrt
4 HAt DAt 9 bkAti    
5 pHwy DAt 10/C? sSpt    


Legend for Decans
  Decans that occur on this table
  Decans that do not occur on this table, but a space is left for them because they may have occurred on the ideal table
  Parts of the decan list that are missing owing to loss or damage



As only one batten is all that remains of this diagonal star table, only the first column is known. It is unique compared with any of the T- and K-type tables because it has thirteen rows.