Astronomical representations can be categorized according to their decanal content (EAT3).  Often, representations which share similar decanal content share other commonalities of style and/or layout.  In EAT3, Neugebauer and Parker grouped their "monuments" (astronomical texts) into decan list families.  They named each family after the earliest occurence of that decan list.  This naming convention can be confusing (for example, there are three families named after "Seti I", because the earliest instance of each occured in the reign of that pharaoh).  In this database, we use "AR1" to refer to one tradition of decans used in Astronomical Representations.  AR1 is equivalent to the Senmut Family in EAT3.

The AR1 decan list is the most common list in astronomical representations, and the list with the widest distribution over time.   The list can be accompanied by one of two sets of decanal deities.  The less common deity list, AR1 variant, is restricted to four closely-related 20th dynasty tomb ceilings.  This variant, which is called Senmut B in EAT3, is discussed on a separate page.  EAT3 also identifies another subgroup, called Senmut A, of three members (8 Ramses II A, 9 Ramses II B, and 17 Ramses III A) which are treated here as members of AR1 (Symons, 2015b).

AR1 occurs in thirteen astronomical representations known to date, with a further five astronomical representations that have been hypothesised to have originally been based on the AR1 model, but are too fragmentary to be entirely certain:  Tomb of Karakhamun, Tomb of Ibi, Sarcophagus of Ankhhapy, Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (A-31), and Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (A-28).

Occurences of decan list AR1 in astronomical representations

The "key" in the first column is the code used to distinguish this astronomical representation in the table later on this page. 

KeyTitleLocationDateEAT3 Number & Name
1 Tomb of Senenmut TT 353, Deir el-Bahari 18th Dynasty 2 Senmut
2 Water clock (Amenhotep III) Found at Karnak; now in Egyptian Museum, Cairo 18th Dynasty 3 Amenhotep III
3 Ramesseum (Second Hypostyle Hall) West Bank, Thebes 19th Dynasty

8 Ramses II A & 9 Ramses II B

4 Medinet Habu Sanctuary of Osiris, Room 25, Medinet Habu 20th Dynasty 17 Ramses III A
5 Tomb of Petamenophis TT 33, Tombs of the Nobles, Asasif, Thebes Late Period 32 Pedamenope
6 Tomb of Karakhamun TT 223, Tombs of the Nobles, Asasif, Thebes Late Period -
7 Tomb of Ibi TT 36, Tombs of the Nobles, Asasif, Thebes Late Period -
8 Tomb of Montuemhet TT 34, Tombs of the Nobles, Asasif, Thebes Late Period 33 Montemhet
9 Ceiling Block (Roda) Stored near the Nilometer at Roda Late Period 36 Roda
10 Sarcophagus of a bull JE 86723, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Late Period 37 Abu Yasin
11 Sarcophagus of Ankhhapy CG 29301, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Late Period 38 Ankhhapy
12 Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (A-31) Animal Necropolis, Tuna el-Gebel  (central part of ceiling) Greco-Roman 40 Hermopolis A
13 Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (C-2) Animal Necropolis, Tuna el-Gebel Greco-Roman 41 Hermopolis B
14 Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (A-28) Animal Necropolis, Tuna el-Gebel (central part of ceiling) Greco-Roman 42 Hermopolis C
15 Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (B-2) Animal Necropolis, Tuna el-Gebel Greco-Roman 43 Hermopolis D
16 Water clock (Ptolemy II) N 664 = AF 894, Louvre Museum, Paris Greco-Roman 44 Ptolemy II
17 Water clock (Florence) ? Greco-Roman 45 Florence

Coffin of Hornedjitef

6678, British Museum, London Greco-Roman 46 Harendotes
Composition of decan list AR1

This table shows the decans composing decan list AR1, their deities in most of the occurences, and their appearances in astronomical the astronomical representations listed above.  For details (especially of variant deities, spelling, order, survival in damaged areas, and bibliographic references), see the individual records for each astronomical representation by clicking on the name of the representation in the table above.  No decans survive in 14, Tuna el-Gebel Gallery C (A-28).

In the first column, the numbering assigned to this decan name in the list of all decans in EAT3.  In the second column, the sequential numbering for this decan in the list AR1 is given. 

Decan is present in the star table
Decan is omitted
Decan occurs in the triangle area between the superior and inferior planets
- Decan is not expected to occur
  Parts of the decan list that are missing through loss or damage


EAT3AR1 ListDecanDeity or Deities1















1 1 tpy-a knmt Hapy, Imseti
2 2 knmt  Isis
4 3 Xry xpd knmt
6 4 HAt DAt Duamutef, Children of Horus
8 5 pHwy DAt
10 6 TmAt Hrt  Duamutef
12 7 TmAt Xrt   ●  ●
13 8 wSAti  Duamutef, Hapy
15 9 bkAti 
19 10 tpy-a xntt Horus
20 11 xntt Hrt
21 12 xntt Xrt  Seth
22 13 Tms n xntt  Horus
25 14 sApti xnwy Isis, Nephthys
28 15 Hry-ib wiA  Seth
30 16 sSmw Seth
32 17 knmw Children of Horus
33 18 tpy-a smd Horus
36 19 smd  Hapy
37 20 sit  Isis
38 21 sAwy sit  Duamutef
39 22 Xry xpd srt  Kebehsenuf
40 23 tpy-a Ax(wy) Duamutef
41 24 Ax(wy) Duamutef, Kebehsenuf
44 25 bA(wy) Hapy, Imseti
45 26 xntw Hr(w) Children of Horus
47 27 (xntw) Xrw
48 28 qd  Hapy, Kebehsenuf
49 29 sAwy qd
50 30 xAw  Children of Horus
51 31 art  Eye of Horus
55 32 Hry rmn sAH Children of Horus
59 33 Xry rmn sAH Children of Horus
60 34 rmn sAH Eye of Horus
63 35 sAH Osiris
68 36 spdt Isis
84 A Stwy Hapy, Duamutef
90 B nsrw Imseti
91 C sSpt  Eyes of Horus
93 D hpds [ ]
94 E abSs Horus
95 F nTr wAS Duamutef