ID in this catalogue SD Louvre E 11738
Type Semicircular 
Current Location

Musée du Louvre, Paris. 

Sully Wing, Ground Floor, Room 6, "Writing and Scribes", Vitrine 6 "Weights and Measures" (Louvre Atlas database 2016)  

Catalogue Numbers

E 11738

Dialface ID 511 

Provenance Unknown 
Date Unknown 
Dimensions H 60 mm, W 58 mm (Louvre Atlas Database) 
Material Alabaster (Louvre Atlas Database) 
Markings and inscriptions 11 radial lines create 12 zones for hours. 
Notes The gnomon is missing. The dial design incorporates temple façade feature. Some pages of the BSDP list Diaface ID 478 as being this dial. However, in the main database, 478 is depicted as an entirely different sundial. The second of the references given, though, relates to a third dial, SC BM EA68475.  

Bickel and Gautschy (2014)

Graßhoff (2015)


An image is available in the Louvre Museum online catalogue here