ID in this catalogue SC NMWarsaw 198850
Type Conical 
Current Location National Museum Warsaw from the collection of the Lyceum Hosianum At Braunsberg 
Catalogue Numbers


Formerly Inv. No. 880 in the Lyseum Hosianum in Braunsberg

Dialface ID: 660

Provenance Most likely from Arsinoites (Fayum). It was first seen in the possession of Maurice Nahman (Łajtar et al. 2003), who also sold SL Berlin ÄM 19743, SL Berlin ÄM 19744, and SS Berlin ÄM 22824 to Ludwig Borchardt, all of which went to Berlin. SL Berlin ÄM 19743 is also probably from Fayum. 
Date 2nd/1st century B.C 
Dimensions H 270 mm, L 383 mm, W 208 mm (Łajtar et al. 2003
Material White marble of poor quality (the red granite described by Rubensohn (1913) is incorrect, according to Łajtar et al. (2003)
Markings and inscriptions

The inner surface shows the 3 horizontal curves and 11 hour lines (Weissbrodt 1913).

Line 1 of the inscription is at 2 cm wide space between the approach of the depression and the "plinth", line 2 on the narrow front face (Weissbrodt 1913). Bronze gnomon is not present (Łajtar et al. 2003)

Notes Full description, translation, discussion, and bibliography in Łajtar et al. (2003)

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 These images, and permission to reproduce them, were kindly provided by the Department of Ancient Art, National Museum in Warsaw.