ID in this catalogue SC Basa 
Type Conical
Current Location National Museum, Khartoum 
Catalogue Numbers

Dialface ID: 190

Gibbs 3089 

Museum number unknown

Provenance Found in autumn 1907 outside the sanctuary in Basa, Sudan (Gibbs 1976)
Date "The dial is probably contemporary with the temple at Basa dating from the third century A.D." (Gibbs 1976)
Dimensions H 210 mm, W 350 mm, D 110 to 140 mm (Gibbs 1976)

Subcrystalline limestone (Gibbs 1976)

Marble (Crowfoot and Griffith 1911

Markings and inscriptions "Parts of seven hour lines and the summer solstice curve" (Gibbs 1976)
Notes "A large portion of the dial surface is broken away" (Gibbs 1976)

Crowfoot and Griffith (1911) pp. 17-18 and Pl. X

Gibbs (1976) p. 307

Graßhoff (2015) but see caveat above 


Crowfoot and Griffith (1911) Plate X: