ID in this catalogue SS Paris
Type Sloping
Current Location Last seen in Paris, present whereabouts unknown 
Catalogue Numbers Hoffmann Collection Catalogue number 456
Provenance Unknown. Sold in lot 456 of the sale of the Hoffmann Collection
Date Roman period, after 25 BC (Clagett 1995)
Dimensions H 40 mm, L 65 mm (Legrain 1894
Material Basalt (Legrain 1894
Markings and inscriptions

Month names on the flat top of the sloping part and (unusually) month abbreviations at the top of the slope. Seven scales with dots (six dots in each) marking hours on each scale. 

Choiak and Payni have the shortest and longest scales respectively, with each of the other ten months sharing a scale with another month.

No traces of other inscriptions (for example the horizontal band of text around the bottom edge that many others retain) are noted.

Notes Gnomon part lost. 

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 After Legrain (1894):