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The decans in the following table can be referred to as "the ipDs-group", as they seem to refer to the same part of the sky. More information on each decan can be found by clicking on the individual decan names in the table below.


2 B? D D J 4 16/93 ipDs
- - -  - 9 - 17 sbAw mHw
- 10 C C H 4a 91 sSpt
3 D? E E K 5 18/94 sbSsn


The following table shows the location of the ipDs-group within the overall ordering of decans in groups. The "Miscellaneous" decans (pHwy Hry, nTr DA pt.bn, hnhn, kAkA, nbi wr, nsrw, nhs, nTr wAS) are unplaced in the order.



knmt-group tpy-a knmt, knmt, sAwy knmt, Xry xpd n knmt
DAt-TmAt-group HAt xAw, HAt DAt, DAt, pHwy xAw, pHwy DAt, TmAt Hrt, tmAt Hrt Xrt, TmAt Xrt
wSAty bkAty-group wSAti, wSAty bkAty, bkAti
ipDs-group ipDs, sbAw mHw, sSpt, sbSsn
xntt-group tpy-a xntt, xntt Hrt, xntt Hrt, Tms n xntt
sApti xnwy-group qdty, spty, sApti xnwy, "xnwy", xnwy
wiA-group Hry-ib wiA, "crew", sSmw, sA sSm, knmw
smd srt-group tpy-a smd, pA sbA waty, smd srt, smd, srt, sAwy srt, Xry xpd srt, smd rsy, smd mHty
Axwy-bAwy-group tpy-a Axwy, imy-xt Axwy, Axwy, tpy-a bAwy, bAwy
xntw-art-group xntw Hrw, Hry-ib xntw, xntw Xrw, qd, sAwy qd, xAw, art, Xry art, xAw 2
sAH-group iwn sAH, rmn Hry (sAH) = Hry rmn (sAH), msDr sAH, Ts arq, rmn Xry (sAH) = Xry rmn (sAH), rmn sAH = a sAH, wart Hrt sAH, sAH, abwt, wart Xrt (sAH) = Xrt wart
spdt-sAbw-group tpy-a spdt, spdt, imy-xt spd, Stwy, siAtw, pHwy sAbw, sAbw, HAt sAbw
knmt-group tpy-a knmt, knmt, sAwy knmt, Xry xpd n knmt