ID in this catalogue SC SNM 34605
Type Concave part of double sundial 
Current Location Sudan National Museum, Khartoum 
Catalogue Numbers

SNM 34605

Excavation number 146/4

Dialface ID 192 (and 329)

Provenance Excavated near the Amun Temple in an Naq'a, otherwise known as Naga or Naqa, Sudan. 
Date Roman Period, 0 - 200 AD (Kroeper et al. 2011)
Dimensions H 446 mm, W 488 mm, D 444 mm (Kroeper and Krzyżaniak 1998)
Material Sandstone 
Markings and inscriptions Hour lines only
Notes This part of the sundial was designed to be used all year except around midsummer, when the sun moved north of the zenith at this latitude and the flat semicircular dial on the north side of the block would be used. 

Kroeper and Krzyżaniak (1998)

Catamo et al. (2000) (this sundial is number 15, the final sundial mentioned)

Kroeper, Schoske and Wildung (2011) p. 51, Fig. 52


Snapshots of both faces of this object have been posted by a blogger, Giancarlo, who visited an exhibition in Munich about objects from an Naq'a called "Königstadt Naga - Grabungen in der Wüste des Sudan". The best images available are in Kroeper and Krzyżaniak (1998), which contains photos and drawings. Kroeper et al. (2011) has two colour photos.