Title Ramesseum (Third Hypostyle Hall)
Type Astronomical Representation
Decan List Family AR2
EAT3 Number and Name The architraves were labelled 10 Ramses II C.  Neugebauer and Parker conjectured that they originally flanked a ceiling with Seti I C-style content.
EAT3 Pages and Plates 20, Pl 6B
EAT3 Decan List Family Seti I C
Publications EAT3; Symons (2015b)
Location The ceiling which Neugebauer and Parker assumed existed is completely gone.  A portion of the architraves is still in situ.
Date 19th dynasty
Registers Destroyed.  A portion of the architraves still remains.
Circumpolar Group and Deities ?

Destroyed.  The architraves preserve Jupiter, Saturn, Mars

Decan Names Destroyed.  The architraves retain some.
Decanal Stars ?
Personifications of the Decans ?
Cluster Numbers ?
Depictions of Decanal Constellations ?
Decanal Deity Names ?
Decanal Deity Figures ?
Lunar Months ?
Civil Months ?
Nut ?
Other features ?

Two out of possibly six original architrave blocks survive, both from the northern side.  On them, nine figures are preserved (in procession order, west to east):  five of the triangle decans (see below), the three superior planets, and one ordinary decan (spdt).


The ceiling itself has been lost.

Decan List

Neugebauer and Parker (EAT3 p.20) conjecture that the ceiling itself would have followed their "Seti I C" pattern (AR2).  The architrave content supports that conjecture.  The block which is missing from this northern set of architraves would possibly have contained a figure of Ramesses II at the head of this half of the procession, the two inferior planets, and the final triangle decan F nTr wAS, in an arrangement following the layout of the architraves in the Second Hypostyle Hall.  The names of the planets are poorly rendered.

36 spdt
SP1 sbA rsy <n> pt Hr-tAS-tAwy
SP2 sbA iAbty DA pt Hr-kA-pt rn=f
SP3 Hr-Axty rn=f sbA iAbty [n pt sqdd=f m xtxt]
D ipsD
E sbSsn

The decan numbers and letters shown here are for the decan family AR2

SP = superior planet

Grey shading = damage

< > = omitted but understood

[ ] = damaged text