Label X1
Group/Type Uncategorized
Siglum T3L (sometimes labelled T4L)
EAT 1 Coffin -
EAT 1 Group -
Major Publications Locher (1992)
Owner %bk-Htp
Provenance Thebes
Current Location

British Museum, London; in storage: EA29570; 1898,0315.472; AN409214


Rows 6
Date Row -
Columns 40
Pattern No decan names were included.
Vertical Strip Sopdet
Horizontal Strip Sahu, Meskhetiu, ...
Other Text None
Style This table is uniquely colourful.  The horizontal strip hieroglyphs are coloured and the cells (each filled with a star symbol) have a checkerboard background of plain wood and yellow paint.  Another unique feature is that the stars below the horizontal strip are all upsidedown.  The four major lengthways lines (the two outer borders and the upper and lower borders of the horizontal strip) are all decorated in several colours.



Not applicable.

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Image: Courtesy of and copyright of The Trustees of the British Museum, London.  Taken by Sarah Symons, 2012.



No decans present - this is a blank table which never contained decan names.



X1 is the sole known example of a "picture" of a diagonal star table: a representation of a table without decan names. The table itself has the ideal number of columns (40), but only six rows. Each cell is populated with a star symbol. The vertical band is complete with four figures. The horizontal strip contains a brief version of the standard offering formula. An amusing ancient typo occurs in the writing of Sahu in the offering formula: three ducklings in a nest instead of the sAH (toes) hieroglyph.