ID in this catalogue WCO 4
Type Outflow water clock 
Current Location
Fragment a: The State Hermitage Museum
Fragment b: National Museum of Naples 
Catalogue Numbers

Fragment a: ДВ-2507

Fragment b: 2327 

Provenance Egypt 
Date 332-323 BCE

Fragment a: Height 33.5 cm

Fragment b: Height 13.7 cm; width 16.7 cm; depth 5.5 cm

Material Granodiorite


Two fragments, currently in different locations

Kircher (1654)

Golenischeff (1891)

Wiedemann (1901)

Borchardt (1920)

Шолпо (1939)

Roullet (1972)

Lembke (1994)

Bolshakov (2005)

Lodomez (2007)

External registers Single Register
External upper band of text Yes
External lower band(s) of text Yes
Exterior Astronomical Diagram No
Rim Unknown 
Interior markings Two partial columns of dots visible
Other features  

See also the entries in:

Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 17 Hermitage 2507a, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-9 [Fragment a] (Berlin cast of this object is ID 3.)
Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 25 Naples, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-18 [Fragment b] (Berlin cast of this object is ID 12.)


Fragment a: Hermitage Museum Website The fragment is on display in Room 100 and can be seen in the Museum website's panaroramic views of that room.

Fragment b: see Lodomez (2007)