ID in this catalogue SD Debod
Type Semicircular, fixed
Current Location Assumed to be in situ at Debod 
Catalogue Numbers None 
Provenance Debod quarries 
Date Ptolemaic 
Dimensions About 330 mm diameter, from photographs in Roeder (1911)
Material Carved in rock 
Markings and Inscriptions Thirteen radial lines form twelve hour zones. The gnomon hole is slightly to the right of the noon line, which extends vertically above the dial and to a lesser extent below. The dial appears to be depicted standing on a plinth, resembling that of concave sundials, perhaps. 
Notes One of three quarry sundials in this catalogue (SD Qertassi and SX MonsClaudianus being the other two) 

Roeder (1911) Vol. 1 p. 3 and Vol. 2 Pl. 78a

Borchardt (1920) p. 49

Bickel and Gautschy (2014)


Roeder (1911):