Title Sarcophagus of Merenptah reused by Psusennes I
Type Astronomical Representation
EAT3 Number and Name 30 Psusennes
EAT3 Pages and Plates 14-16, 151-152, Pl 16A
EAT3 Decan List Family Misc
Publications Montet (1951)

Egyptian Museum, Cairo, in the central sculpture hall. Lid is labelled 6337B. 

JE 87297.2; SR 3/11183.2 (the .2 indicates the lid)

Originally in the Valley of the Kings in the tomb of Merenptah (KV 8), then moved to Tanis for the burial of Psusennes I.

Date 21st dynasty
Registers 2
Circumpolar Group and Deities Yes: 11 figures behind hippo; 10 opposite

Superior:  Jupiter, Saturn, Mars (plus Jupiter again)

Inferior:  Mercury, Venus

Decan Names Yes, although some of the figures have no name
Decanal Stars No
Personifications of the Decans No
Cluster Numbers No
Depictions of Decanal Constellations Yes
Decanal Deity Names Yes
Decanal Deity Figures Yes
Lunar Months No
Civil Months No
Nut Yes, outstretched in the middle of the lid.

This representation is carved into the lid of a red granite sarcophagus.  The orientation of the figures is unusual, in that their feet are towards Nut and their heads are towards the edge of the coffin.


 30Psusennes  schematic


Legend for Schematic
C Circumpolar group of constellations
A Circumpolar attendant deities
D Decans
P Planets
N The sky-goddess Nut
X Other cosmic deities:  parts of the Amduat (2nd and 3rd hours)
 Hippo symbol

Location and orientation of the circumpolar hippo

 Human symbol 

Indicates the starting point and directionality of list or procession of figures

Decan List

The list gives an approximate layout for how the decans, deities, and decanal figures (in bold) are arranged.  However, the only way of perceiving the complete layout and orthography of the labels is by consulting photographs, drawings, or the original.  For conventions and abbreviations, see below the table. 

This decan list is unique.  Many names are missing.  The layout is clear moving towards the "astronomical procession" format, but the northern attendant deities are still present here.  tpy-a spdt, which does not appear in any other astronomical representation (but does appear in diagonal star tables and astronomical processions), is also included here.

xnt<t> Xr<t>


Seth (first figure in a barque)

<sApti xnwy>

Isis, <Nephthys>

Two human-headed goddesses (second and third figures in the same barque)

Hry-ib wiA


Seth (fourth figure in the same barque)

xnt<t> Hr<t>   Mummiform god



Sheep with 3 stars

-   Jackal-headed mummiform god
<xntw> Xr<w>   Mummiform god
<xntw> Hr<w>   Mummiform god
- Kebehsenuf Falcon-headed mummiform god
(unreadable label)   Jackal-headed mummiform god
- <Kebeh>senuf Falcon-headed mummiform god
rmn Xry sAH   Sahu
sAH Osiris  
tpy-a spdt   Goddess with star on her head
spdt Isis Sopdet
SP1 Hr-wpS-tAwy pt rs Planet

SP2 Hr-kA-pt


SP3 Hr-Axty


SP1 Hr-wpS-tAwy



Duamutef, Hapy Jackal- and baboon-headed mummiform gods, Turtles
nsrw Imseti Mummiform god
- Kebehsenuf Falcon-headed mummiform god
-   Falcon-headed mummiform god
-   Falcon-headed mummiform god
-   Falcon-headed mummiform god
- Seth Seth-headed mummiform god
IP2 sbA DA
Osiris Benu

The decan numbers and letters are not assigned as this list does not fall readily into any grouping. 

SP = superior planet

IP = inferior planet

< > = omitted but understood

( ) = explanatory notes or additional material