ID in this catalogue SD KV
Type Semicircular 
Current Location Unknown 
Catalogue Numbers Dialface ID 531
Provenance Excavated in the Valley of the Kings by the University of Basel team in March 2013 
Date New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty (c. 1300 - 1200 BC)
Dimensions H 155 mm, W 175 mm, D 36 mm max   (Bickel and Gautschy 2014
Material Limestone 
Markings and inscriptions Divided into 12 sections with black lines. 
Notes Has a gnomon hole at the intersection of the hour lines. The back is very rough and the whole item resembles an ostrakon. 

Bickel and Gautschy (2014)

Vodolazhskaya (2014)

Graßhoff (2015)


The object is fully published in Bickel and Gautschy (2014) with images.