ID in this catalogue SX Tuna el-Gebel TG 5248
Type Unique
Current Location Unknown, but perhaps in archaeological storage
Catalogue Numbers TG 5248
Provenance Tuna el-Gebel building complex C, excavated 2002/3 season (Steinmann 2005)
Date Roman period, from archaeological context (Steinmann 2005)
Dimensions L 38 mm, W 12 mm, H 16 mm (Steinmann 2005)
Material Bone (Steinmann 2005)
Markings and inscriptions Various holes
Notes It is not clear why this object is thought to be a sundial. Steinmann (2005) compares with SX EMC CG 33401, without considering whether that is a sundial either. The present authors are unconvinced.
Literature Steinmann (2005)

See Steinmann (2005) Plate 22.