ID in this catalogue SL Osireion
Type L-shaped 
Current Location In situ 
Catalogue Numbers None 
Provenance Osireion, Abydos: ceiling of "Sarcophagus Chamber" 
Date  New Kingdom, Seti l (c. 1300 BC)
Dimensions Height of text and diagram approx. 3m. Height of gnomon in drawing approx. 30 cm. 
Material Carved on stone ceiling  
Markings and inscriptions Each marking on the sundial is accompanied with a number (3,6,9,12) which relate directly to the ratio of lengths between adjacent marks on surviving L-shaped sundials. 
Notes This is a chapter of (or perhaps appendix to) the Book of Nut (also known as the Fundamentals of the Course of the Stars) which contains a diagram of an L-shaped sundial and a text explaining its manufacture and use. It was first published by Frankfort (1933). Major editions of the whole text are presented in Neugebauer and Parker (1960) and von Lieven (2007). Discussion of the interpretation of the text is ongoing. 

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Frankfort (1933) Plates LXXXII and LXXXIII, published by the Egypt Exploration Society and reproduced with the kind permission of the Society.