ID in this catalogue SX MonsClaudianus 
Type Horizontal planar (possibly)
Current Location Assumed to be in situ at Mons Claudianus, in Egypt's eastern desert. However, Gibbs (1976) specifies that it is "lost".
Catalogue Numbers Dialface ID: 238
Gibbs 4105
Provenance Mons Claudianus
Date Unknown
Dimensions Approx. 35 cm long (Kościuk 1992)
Material Cut in rock
Markings and inscriptions A straight equinox line, 2 curved solstice lines, and 11 hour lines, reading ten hours.
Notes This is a horizontal plane sundial
Originally identified by Meredith (1954) as a quarry mark, O. Neugebauer suggested it is a sundial (Meredith 1955). No other dial of this type has been found in Egypt, but several are known from elsewhere.
Literature Meredith (1954)
Meredith (1955)
Gibbs (1976) p. 338
Kościuk (1992)

Meredith provides two different sketches: an initial one (1954) above and a corrected one (1955) below.