Astronomical representations in this section all include decan lists that are either absent, too fragmentary to categorise, or are unique.  

Miscellaneous astronomical representations
TitleLocationDateEAT3 Number & Name
Asyut tombs (now destroyed) Middle Kingdom -
Coffin of Heny (now destroyed) Middle Kingdom 1 Heny
Sarcophagus of Merenptah reused by Psusennes Egyptian Museum, Cairo 19th Dynasty 30 Psusennes
Tomb of Amenhotep, usurped by Therwes TT 232, Tombs of the Nobles, Thebes 19th Dynasty 16 Tharwas
Ceiling Block (Medinet Habu) Original location unknown, West Bank, Thebes 20th Dynasty 18 Ramses III B
Water clock (Nekau II) JE 67096a,b,c, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Late Period 34 Necho
Coffin of Heter (now destroyed) Greco-Roman 71 Heter