ID in this catalogue SD Garstang SACE E.8501
Type Semicircular, portable
Current Location Garstang Museum of Archaeology, School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology, University of Liverpool, UK 
Catalogue Numbers

SACE E.8501

Formerly SAOS 8501

Previously in the J. Smith collection, Liverpool, 6242/131, donated in 1928 (Wenig 1978)

Dialface ID 536 

Provenance Meroe, Temple of Apedemak in the 1909/10 excavation season (Garstang et al. 1911).  
Date First century B.C - second century AD (Wenig 1978)
Dimensions H 98 mm, W 79 mm, D 21 mm (Wenig 1978
Material Wood 
Markings and Inscriptions Radial hour lines form eleven sectors 

Formerly in the J. Smith collection

Unusually, there is no central noon line. 

Garstang et al. felt that it was a model of a real sundial inscribed on the temple walls.


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