Title Tomb of Ibi
Type Astronomical Representation
Decan List Family AR1
EAT3 Number and Name Not included in EAT3
EAT3 Pages and Plates Not included in EAT3
EAT3 Decan List Family Not included in EAT3 but would have been placed in Senmut
Publications Kuhlmann (1983)
Location In situ; Ceiling of burial chamber R14 in the tomb of Ibi, TT 36, Asasif, Theban Necropolis
Date 26th dynasty, time of Psamtek I
Registers 2
Circumpolar Group and Deities Yes, the names of 5 attendant deities can be read
Planets Yes, part of the label of Saturn has survived
Decan Names Yes
Decanal Stars Only determinatives are noted by Kuhlmann
Personifications of the Decans No
Cluster Numbers Yes (one in the triangle)
Depictions of Decanal Constellations Yes (the Boat is clearly visible in Kuhlmann's photographs)
Decanal Deity Names Yes
Decanal Deity Figures No
Lunar Months Unknown
Civil Months Probably not
Nut No

Most of this ceiling has fallen, leaving only the long edges and some other fragments in place.  The ceiling is vaulted and the diagram was paint dark-on-light in a similar style to Senenmut's ceiling.  The starry border with large sun discs embedded (not just at the corners) is reminiscent of the Tomb of Karakhamun.


 Unlike the layout in Senenmut's ceiling, the two registers are back-to-back here.

Decan List

Kuhlmann's Figure 96 gives the remaining traces of decan names (interspersed with Senenmut-like deity labels):

10 tpy-a [xntt], 11  xntt [Hrt] or 12 xntt [Xrt], 17 knmw, 20 sit , 21 sAwy sit and 22 Xry xpd srt.

The triangle area is more complete, but this must be from fallen fragments as the photographs of the chamber ceiling show traces of the superior planets and one name, but no sign of the triangle decans.  The reason why A Stwy is drawn last is unexplained.  A probable layout is indicated here:

SP2 Hr-kA-pt DA pt iAbty sbA Planet
  [Im]se[ti], Xt -pw      
  Eyes of Horus  
  D hpds  

The decan numbers and letters shown here are for the decan family AR1

SP = superior planet

Grey shading = damage

[ ] = damaged text