ID in this catalogue SD Dendera
Type Semicircular 
Current Location Unknown. A search in August 2016 by curators at the Petrie Museum did not produce it. 
Catalogue Numbers None 
Provenance Dendera, via Petrie's excavations in the late 1800s. 
Date Unknown. Petrie groups the dial with pottery offering trays of the 9th to 12th Dynasties, but this cannot count as archaeological context. 
Dimensions The fragment is unlikely to be more than 200 mm wide, based on the scale given for Petrie's (1900) drawings. 
Material The drawing could be of stone or faience or pottery. All the other items in the same plate are pottery. 
Markings and inscriptions The right quadrant of the sundial, containing traces of six radial lines, the leftmost of which looks like the vertical noon line. 
Notes The sundial does not appear to be noted in the text by Petrie (1900) at all, even though he illustrates it. 

Petrie (1900) Pl. XIX.18 

Borchardt (1920)

Clagett (1995)

Bickel and Gautschy (2014)


Petrie (1900), Plate XIX number 18: