ID in this catalogue SC Fitz GR.100.1906
Type Conical 
Current Location Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge  
Catalogue Numbers


Formerly E.7. 1906

Record ID: 50935

Gibbs 3108G 

Provenance Egypt. Bought in around 1906 (Museum catalogue record) 
Date Roman, possibly 3rd century AD (Museum catalogue record) 
Dimensions H 468 mm, W 415 mm (Museum catalogue record) 
Material White Egyptian limestone (Museum catalogue record) 
Markings and inscriptions "The sagitta at the left equinox is about 8 mm; at right, 9 mm. Six hour lines, including the meridian, are preserved on each side. Only the meridian continues above the winter solstice to the gnomon hole. Four day curves, engraved always equidistant from each other and from the lower edge of the dial surface, are visible." (Gibbs 1976)

This is a conical variant sundial with the two halves transposed (Gibbs 1976)

"The gnomon hole at the left side is 8 mm diameter. It slants downward at an angle 45deg from the horizontal. The right gnomon hole is lead filled."  (Gibbs 1976)

"Sundial, with 2 dials for morning & afternoon, metal pointers missing (dowel holes at top outer corners of dials), rear part missing, surface chipped" (Museum catalogue record)

"The base is a schematic lion's paw. " (Gibbs 1976


Budde and Nicholls (1964)

Gibbs (1976) p. 321 


A photograph is available from the online museum catalogue here.