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The decans in the following table can be referred to as "the knmt-group", as they seem to refer to the same part of the sky. More information on each decan can be found by clicking on the individual decan names in the table below.


- 1 1 1 1 31a 1 tpy-a knmt
30 2 2 2 2 32 2 knmt
31 - - - - 33 3 sAwy knmt
32 3 3 3 3 34 4 Xry xpd n knmt


The following table shows the location of the knmt-group within the overall ordering of decans in groups. The list is cyclical and the group appears either at the beginning of the list (in the K group of diagonal star tables and most astronomical diagrams) or near the end (in group T diagonal star tables). The "Miscellaneous" decans (pHwy Hry, nTr DA, hnhn, kAkA, nbi wr, nsrw, nhs, nTr wAS) are unplaced in the order.



knmt-group tpy-a knmt, knmt, sAwy knmt, Xry xpd n knmt
DAt-TmAt-group HAt xAw, HAt DAt, DAt, pHwy xAw, pHwy DAt, TmAt Hrt, tmAt Hrt Xrt, TmAt Xrt
wSAty bkAty-group wSAti, wSAty bkAty, bkAti
ipDs-group ipDs, sbAw mHw, sSpt, sbSsn
xntt-group tpy-a xntt, xntt Hrt, xntt Hrt, Tms n xntt
sApti xnwy-group qdty, spty, sApti xnwy, "xnwy", xnwy
wiA-group Hry-ib wiA, "crew", sSmw, sA sSm, knmw
smd srt-group tpy-a smd, pA sbA waty, smd srt, smd, srt, sAwy srt, Xry xpd srt, smd rsy, smd mHty
Axwy-bAwy-group tpy-a Axwy, imy-xt Axwy, Axwy, tpy-a bAwy, bAwy
xntw-art-group xntw Hrw, Hry-ib xntw, xntw Xrw, qd, sAwy qd, xAw, art, Xry art, xAw 2
sAH-group iwn sAH, rmn Hry (sAH) = Hry rmn (sAH), msDr sAH, Ts arq, rmn Xry (sAH) = Xry rmn (sAH), rmn sAH = a sAH, wart Hrt sAH, sAH, abwt, wart Xrt (sAH) = Xrt wart
spdt-sAbw-group tpy-a spdt, spdt, imy-xt spd, Stwy, siAtw, pHwy sAbw, sAbw, HAt sAbw
knmt-group tpy-a knmt, knmt, sAwy knmt, Xry xpd n knmt