ID in this catalogue WCO 18
Type Outflow water clock vessel, represented by two extant fragments
Current Location

Fragment a: Petrie Museum, London

Fragment b: Sold at Sotheby's, now presumably in a private collection

Catalogue Numbers

Fragment a: UC55487

Fragment b: N/A

Provenance Athribis/Mostai in the Nile Delta (Sotheby's listing), from the identification of an epithet of Thoth on the Petrie Museum fragment
Date Dynasty 30, ?Nectanebo 

Fragment a (from the Petrie Museum catalogue): height 12.7 cm; width 18.8 cm; thickness 4.5 cm

Fragment b (from the Sotheby's catalogue): height 13.8 cm; depth 3.6 cm

Material Basalt


The two fragments show careful manufacture but together make up very little of the original vessel. Both fragments come from the area near the bottom of the interior hour scales.

Online Petrie Museum catalogue can be visited here.

Sotheby's sale catalogue listing here .

External registers Unknown
External upper band of text Unknown
External lower band(s) of text Partially preserved: Fragment a includes "Thoth son of the two Lords, he who emerges from the forehead". A vertical label on fragment b: "To consecrate the bread for his father who ensures that he is endowed with life" (Sotheby's sale catalogue listing)
Exterior Astronomical Diagram The lower parts of the pharaoh and deities appear on both fragments, but it is unclear whether there were upper registers with astronomical material above.
Rim Not preserved
Interior markings Columns of dots, with Dd and wAs symbols underneath
Other features  

Fragment b sold for 60,000 USD on 12 December 2013 at Sotheby's, New York.

See also the entries in:

Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 40 Petrie Museum, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-35 [Fragment a]
Schomberg, A., Berlin Waterclock Project, ID 23 Private Collection, 2019, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-10-16 [Fragment b]


Fragment b: Sotheby's sale catalogue listing has intererior and exterior views here with high resolution zoomable images.

Fragment a: Exterior view, courtesy of The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology UCL

UC55487 Exterior.jpg

Fragment a: Interior view, courtesy of The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology UCL

UC55487 Interior.jpg