ID in this catalogue SS Petrie UC16376
Type Sloping
Current Location Petrie Museum of Archaeology  
Catalogue Numbers UC16376
Provenance Unknown 

Ptolemaic Period (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue)

Borchardt places it in the Roman period, in contrast to SS Qantara which he places

earlier in the Ptolemaic period. 

Dimensions L 136 mm, H 90 mm (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue) 
Material Steatite (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue) 
Markings and inscriptions

Hieroglyphic inscription around bottom edge. Scene on back. Diagonal lines on sloping

part represent hour lines. 


The gnomon part of this sloping sundial is missing

"Black steatite shadow clock of senenu. Parallels with same name = BM. 1668 (statue frag.) and Cairo Cat. 70031 (naos - Roeder)" (UCL Petrie Museum Online Catalogue) 


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 From Petrie (1926), reproduced by kind permission of the UCL Petrie Museum: