All but the final image were taken in 2013 by Sarah Symons and Robert Cockcroft, in the public part of the Nubian Museum, Aswan, where photographs are allowed. The final image (Fig T8 i) is courtesy of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Column labels are read from right to left.


Fig T8 a: Entire table


Fig T8 b: Columns 1-8


Fig T8 c: Columns 8-15


Fig T8 d: Columns 15-18, the vertical strip, and column 19


Fig T8 e: Columns 19-26


Fig T8 f: Columns 26-33


Fig T8 g: Columns 33-36, and list columns C1-C3


Fig T8 h: The vertical strip


Fig T8 i: Alternative view of entire table